FINCA Talks: Sisu Global Provides Assistance to Ukraine

Apr 20, 2022 · 5 min read

FINCA Ventures’ Melissa Tickle sits down for a short chat with Sisu Global’s co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Gillian Henker. FINCA invested in Sisu Global because of the potential of their flagship product, Hemafuse, to save lives in sub-Saharan Africa. But in this conversation, Gillian talks about her and her colleagues’ efforts to provide assistance to Ukraine.

Sisu Global has sent 500 surgeries worth of Hemafuse devices to Kyiv with plans to send at least 500 more. The blood auto-transfusion device will be used on or near the frontlines of the on-going war.

Listen in to Melissa and Gillian’s conversation. You’ll learn about Hemafuse, what Sisu means in Finnish, and just how hard it is to deliver products into a war zone. Most importantly, you’ll learn how Hemafuse will improve surgery outcomes and save lives in Ukraine.

Check out Sisu Global on Twitter to get more updates on how they are providing assistance to Ukraine.

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