Good Nature Agro Completes Series A to Build Up Essential Value-Add Processing Infrastructure

Oct 06, 2020 · 3 min read

Last week, Good Nature Agro announced the closing of its Series A round. Congratulations to co-founders Carl Jensen, Sunday Silungwe and Kellan Hays and the entire GNA team- we are so proud to be alongside you on this journey!

It has been two years since we first invested in Good Nature Agro and we have continued to be impressed by their ability to execute on their mission of lifting farmers out of poverty and into the middle class through creating a new model for seed sales in the African market. GNA has proven that they can increase smallholder farmer incomes through providing customized input packages, financial planning and goal setting frameworks and guaranteed offtake contracts for legumes.

Scaling GNA’s sales and production model, called Source, allows the company to play an even larger role in the agricultural value chain. Through working directly with large-scale agribusinesses that require specialty crops as inputs, GNA is better able to gauge demand and then contract and support outgrower farmer networks to grow these legumes from specialized GNA seeds, resulting in better yields and higher prices for smallholder farmers.

In the press release for the Series A announcement, Carl said:

“We believe that every farm – regardless of size – deserves a partner who sees enough value in their capacity and their dreams to engage with them as individuals and families. Our focus on personal advice and service delivery to farmers even as we scale is the key to our social impact and our momentum. Sunday, Kellan, and I are incredibly proud of what the GNA team has accomplished since 2014, but the best is yet to come. With this investment, we are entering a new phase of rapid growth driven by global value chains and superior service to our suppliers and customers.”

With the Series A raise now complete, we are excited to see how this will seed the expansion of their Source model!

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